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Erika Sue
8 April 1992
Iowa, United States
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16 and pregnant, bandom, batman, bob bryar, bon jovi, boys like girls, fall out boy, fanfiction, fantasy factory, frank iero, gerard way, jackass, killyoys, linkin park, mikey way, mindless self indulgence, modern family, my chemical romance, p!nk, pete wentz, ray toro, reading, slash, stephen king, steven's untitled rock show, teen mom, the joker, the middle, the misfits, the pixies, viva la bam, writing

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Be What Tomorrow Needs;
This is my (mostly) writing journal. I write bandom fanfiction, and more specifically My Chemical Romance slash. I hope you will comment on, and enjoy the things a write! I also have a graphics journal (icons_by_erika) where I post my icons and wallpapers. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy!
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